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‘Astonishing’: Samsung’s wild new feature


Twice a year, Samsung puts on an event called Galaxy Unpacked where they release exciting new products into their line up.

This year they held their second Galaxy Unpacked in South Korea – the home of Samsung – and I’ve been lucky enough to attend their event in person so I can keep you in the loop on their latest tech innovations.

So, what’s new?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series

Samsung released three new models of tablets this year – Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra. The standout features include the Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display with richer colour reproduction and adaptive refresh rates of 60-120hz. Additionally, the display has been improved to be more visible in bright and outdoor lighting.

Each tablet features the powerful ‘Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy’ processor to help get you through demanding tasks such as using DeX Mode that allows a simulated PC desktop experience on the tablet, or play games such as Genshin Impact.

There’s an included S-Pen, Samsung’s stylus which is great for digital handwriting, marking up documents or illustration. The S Pen also has bidirectional charging now, meaning when it’s attached to the tablet for charging it can be placed either upright or upside down.

All three tablets (and the S Pen) are IP68-rated, which means they’re water and dust resistant and astonishingly, you can even write on the tablet under water, which I got to test out with much glee.

GoodNotes is also now supported – this has been a beloved note taking app that’s been exclusive to Apple devices for many years now. It’s finally made its way to Android, along with Clip Studio Paint, for illustration, and LumaStudio for video editing, which are all supported by these tablets.

The battery life, memory and storage, cameras and screen size are the main differences between the models and each improves as you move up the range.

Pricing starts from $1299 for the Tab S9, $1699 for the Tab S9+ and $1999 for the Tab S9 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic

Samsung have released their successor to the Galaxy Watch5 – the Galaxy Watch6, and also refreshed the Galaxy Watch6 Classic, which hasn’t been refreshed for over two years.

Both watches have a slimmer bezel allowing for enlarged displays. The battery life has been improved and, overall, the watches have a focus on better sleep tracking, fitness tracking and wellness.

Sleep tracking has been enhanced and can show you how consistent your sleep and wake times are, there’s now a temperature sensor for menstrual cycle predictions and personalised workout tracking where you can track multiple kinds of workouts in one session (ie. a warm up, running and cycling).

There are also personalised heart rate zones for workouts where you can find out whether you’re working hard enough to reach your personal “fat burn zone” to get the most out of your workout.

Additionally, there’s better personalisation with more customisable watch faces and a bunch of new watch bands including a comfortable sleep band.

The Galaxy Watch6 starts at $549 and the Watch6 Classic starts at $699.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The poster child for this event was the Galaxy Z Flip5, so although it wasn’t a surprise announcement, it was just as exciting to find out its updated features.

People love Samsung’s new-age flip smartphone for its pocketability and unique style and this year, Samsung has added to its functionality by giving it a large 3.4” outer display.

The outer display allows you to interact with the phone in new ways, such as accessing a full Qwerty keyboard to reply to messages, the ability to take selfies more easily using the higher quality back cameras, access widgets or even play games, all without unfolding the device.

There’s now also a zero gap hinge which essentially leaves the phone without any gap between the screen when closed. And there’s even a less visible crease on the main display.

There are also a bunch of awesome, iconic brand-themed accessories such as Pokemon pop-sockets and Pringles phone cases available for the Flip5.

Prices start at $1649 for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Comparatively, the Flip5 is the fun and pocketable folding phone whereas the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is geared towards professional and business use, or for those wanting more screen real estate.

The large display allows for multi-tasking, and even the option for a pseudo PC experience, along with handy compatibility of Samsung’s S Pen. And there’s a newly designed slim S Pen phone case that houses the S Pen (Samsung stylus) flush within the back of the case so you won’t lose it.

Display brightness has been improved for easy use on the go and there’s been improvement in business apps such as DocuSign and WedEx (for Z Fold5) so that they’re more functional for the bespoke display.

The phone has also been redesigned with the zero gap hinge so there’s no gap between the display when it’s folded, and the screen also has a less visible crease when open.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 begins at $2599 and both the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 is available for pre-order, in a range of colours, from July 26, with general availability starting August 18.

Samsung paid for Elly Awesome’s travel and accommodation to attend this event.

Elly Awesome is an Aussie tech and lifestyle vlogger | @ellyawesometech | YouTube


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