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Woman sells house to pay for $14,000 facelift


The picture shows Kellys face after surgery. — Metro
The picture shows Kelly’s face after surgery. — Metro 

A woman sold her house to pay to get a facelift surgery worth $14,000 after she noticed her face was “dropping fast”, Metro reported.

Kelly Beasley, who is a 50-year-old blogger, has been getting Botox since her late 20s and fillers for the last 15 years.

She also opted to go for an extended facelift, neck lift, lip lift, and fat transfer from her thighs in Tijuana, Mexico. 

The facelift cost her $14,000 in total, around £10,000, and she also had to make some major sacrifices.

Kelly sold her house to fund her facelift expenses and now she travels full-time in a van. However, she does not regret her decision and says that it was all worth it as it has made her look better. 

“I like to look nice. Around 48, my face started dropping fast. The changes were astounding. Fillers were not going to make a difference. The results are beyond what I expected,” said Kelly, who is currently in the US. 

“I’m loving my look and looking my most fabulous that I can.” 

Speaking about the cost, Kelly said: “Some were really expensive – I was quoted $50,000 to $60,000. Then I saw a lady on TikTok talking about plastic surgery. I was astounded by her results.

“I wasn’t sure but I didn’t completely dismiss it. She said she had it for $14,000 — I was blown away.”

The blogger travelled to Mexico on February 13 to get the surgery which involved taking fat from her thighs and putting it in her lips and face.

She said that she had an “oh crap” moment after the surgery but now she loves it. She also hopes that there will be less shame around plastic surgery.


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