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Canada issues recall of more caffeinated drinks


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a recall for six more energy drinks.

“The affected products are being recalled from the marketplace due to various non-compliances related to caffeine content and labelling requirements,” the recall notice published Friday said.

The recall includes “Bang: Potent Brain and Body Fuel,” “C4” energy drink, “Cocaine” energy supplement, “Fast Twitch” energy drink, “Ghost” energy drink and “Ryse Fuel” energy drink.

The notice says the recall affects all flavours of those particular brands and products, which contain caffeine and do not have bilingual English and French labelling.

The recall comes more than two weeks after the agency issued a recall for six caffeinated drinks including Prime Energy, founded by American social media personality and professional wrestler Logan Paul and British YouTube star KSI.

Although many of the recalled products, including Prime Energy, are not officially distributed in Canada, they have made their way onto some Canadian store shelves after being illicitly imported from the U.S.

The CFIA also cited non-compliance with caffeine content and labelling as reasons for that recall. It said then that its investigation could lead to more products being recalled.

The latest notice says there have been “no reported reactions associated with the consumption of these products,” but warns that large amounts of caffeine “may have adverse health effects for children, pregnant individuals, breastfeeding individuals, and those sensitive to caffeine.”

Prime Energy, which has come under scrutiny in other countries, contains 200 milligrams of caffeine per can or the equivalent of six cans of Coke or two Red Bulls.

The Canadian Press reported previously, citing Health Canada, that Prime energy drink exceeds the regulated acceptable caffeine limit of 180 mg per serving and should not be sold.


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