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Caught on video: Repeat vandal strikes Denver non-profit


DENVER (KDVR) — Security video shows a man smashing windows, the aftermath leaves a non-profit with thousands of dollars in damage.

JAMLAC, the Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center, said the same man has hit the non-profit repeatedly.

“Someone vandalized our building; this has been happening since a year ago,” Marlene Bedoya, with JAMLAC, said.

The man has been back 10 times over the last year, according to JAMLAC.

“He broke our window, he broke our main door, the main windows,” Bedoya said, “he put some type of material on our walls and it’s just destroyed.”

There are security cameras around their building and those cameras caught video of him approaching their main door, now covered in plywood, and using a baseball bat to shatter the windows.

“It’s unfair,” Bedoya said. “We’re a non-profit, legal aid center that helps the community and to have this type of damage, it will cost us a lot.”

Bedoya is unsure who the man is or why he targets their building.

“I think this is part of the retaliation. I don’t know what is the motive to do this, but yeah, it’s the same person,” Bedoya said.

JAMLAC said they’ve been to several court hearings for his repeated crimes.

“It is frustrating,” Bedoya said. “It is very frustrating that we feel like there’s nothing else that we could do.”

The non-profit identified the man as Juan de los Santos and said he has been back despite the number of times he’s been arrested or convicted.

“He might come back, I don’t know, hopefully not,” Bedoya said. “Hopefully he will find the help that he needs, we have, also, compassion for him.”

Denver Police Department said he is now in custody.


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