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Eight midwestern cities included in new heat island analysis


A new analysis of urban heat islands highlights 8 midwestern cities where more than 10 million people experience temperatures elevated at least 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Midwest Climate Collaborative shared this response:

“Climate Central’s analysis of urban heat islands highlights eight of our Midwestern cities, where over ten million people experience temperatures elevated by at least eight degrees, and up to twelve degrees in Chicago,” emphasized Heather Navarro, director of the Midwest Climate Collaborative (MCC). “In the Midwest these high temperatures exacerbate disparities by increasing energy burdens on those living in low-income households and placing greater health risks on people who work outside. The MCC is exploring nature-based solutions, such as urban tree canopy, to mitigate these factors, and many in the Midwest are installing white roofs and other building upgrades to make homes more climate resilient.”

Heather Navarro is the inaugural director of the Midwest Climate Collaborative.


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