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Weekend retro market brings ’80s vibe to Bedford | CBC News


A retro market at the LeBrun Recreation Centre in Bedford was a haven for ’80s nostalgia seekers on the weekend.

Perms, shutter shades and neon colours were all in evidence as patrons and vendors got into the spirit of the event organized by Celeste Johnson.

Vendors sold memorabilia, clothing and even food — all with a retro theme.

Johnson and her husband, Jonny Johnson, own Lucky’s Love it Again retro clothing shop in Bedford.

Celeste said the event took three months of planning.

A pair of sunglasses in pink and shutter shades in purple.
Shutter shades and other popular 1980s fashion trends were in evidence at the event. (Jeorge Sadi/CBC)

“We had over 65 wonderful vendors and sponsors, we met some friends and we enjoyed ourselves,” she said. “The energy was amazing.”

Jonny — in the persona of Lucky — was master of ceremonies at the event and kept a lively atmosphere going with trivia games and promotional draws.

Old Nintendo controllers and games are strewn on a table.
Visitors to the retro market got a chance to try their hand at some classic Nintendo games. (Jeorge Said/CBC)

He said they are a nostalgic couple and they noticed that the items in their shop were predominantly from the 1980s.

He said there are people who weren’t around in the 1980s look back at that time in the same way that his generation looks back at the ’60s and ’50s.

Jonny said the turnout was modest but there was a steady stream of people leaving with their arms full of items they purchased.

A man and a woman pose for a photo is 80s clothing with a brightly coloured poster in the background.
Celeste Johnson organized the event. Her husband, Jonny Johnson, took on the character of Lucky for the event. (Jonny Johnson and Celeste Johnson)

“We’ve had some people come and they’ve gone all out and have their hair crimped and they have the neon on and the leopard prints,” Jonny said. “It’s been a fun time all around.”

He said there seems to be a retro comeback going on reflected in a return of neon fashion and shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things.

People mill about a sales floor with as number of tables, booths and racks selling clothing, toys and other items.
Vendors had a chance to show off their retro wares at the weekend retro market in Bedford. (Jeorge Sadi/CBC)

He said putting on the event was a learning experience and he and Celeste will have to assess before committing to another one next year.

A group of multi-coloured Rubik's Cubes and similar items on a table.
The retro market in Bedford featured nostalgic items like the iconic Rubik’s Cube. (Jeorge Sadi/CBC)


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