Max Verstappen wins Belgian Grand Prix sprint race | Racing News – Times of India


World champion Max Verstappen showcased his brilliance by securing a commanding victory in the Belgian Grand Prix sprint race at a rain-soaked Spa.

Driving for Red Bull, Verstappen crossed the finish line ahead of Australian rookie Oscar Piastri, representing McLaren, who finished in second place.
French driver Pierre Gasly claimed the third spot for the troubled Alpine team.

Verstappen’s triumph in the sprint race earned him eight points, consolidating his already dominant position in this year’s title race. Before the weekend began, he had an impressive lead of 110 points over his teammate, Sergio Perez.


Although Verstappen had topped the qualifying session on Friday, a grid penalty due to a gearbox change pushed him down to the sixth position for the main event scheduled on Sunday. As a result, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc inherited the pole position.
Despite the setback in the grid position, Verstappen’s victory in the sprint race demonstrated his exceptional skills and determination on the challenging Spa circuit.
Fans eagerly await the main race on Sunday, where Verstappen will aim to overcome the grid penalty and continue his quest for the championship title.
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