Women’s World Cup: Argentina exit WC without a win but with hopes of a brighter future | Football News – Times of India


Argentina depart from the Women’s World Cup with a mix of emotions, carrying a heavy heart due to the missed opportunity of securing their maiden tournament victory. However, they remain hopeful for the future as their performances in the three matches held in New Zealand showcased the potential of a new generation of players.

In their first match at the tournament, the Albiceleste came tantalizingly close to upsetting Italy but ultimately fell short with a 1-0 loss to a late goal. Nevertheless, their spirited display raised hopes among their compatriots, especially in a country that celebrated a men’s World Cup title just last December.
Displaying great determination and resilience, the team bounced back from a 2-0 deficit in their second match, securing an impressive 2-2 draw against South Africa. In their final match of the campaign, they faced the formidable Sweden, the best team in their group, and although they suffered a 2-0 defeat, their performance was commendable.

With this new generation of players showing promising potential, Argentina looks forward to building on these experiences and achievements as they strive for greater success in future Women’s World Cup editions.
“We leave with mixed feelings that will help us a lot to learn from these ups and downs, ” Argentina coach German Portanova said after their elimination in Hamilton on Wednesday.
“If I think about the three games, they gave their all and did a lot of what I told them to do, that’s the best thing that can happen to a coach. But the dream fades when we don’t win or qualify.
“The first half against South Africa we weren’t at our best. We managed to turn it around with attitude, but we lacked strength.”
As Argentina wrap up their fourth World Cup appearance, core names such as midfielder Estefania Banini have played their final international game and will make way for new faces.
Portanova hopes the younger players will be better equipped to compete physically with the best women’s teams in the world.
“There is a deficit on the physical side, a difficulty when it comes to competing,” he said.
“There are also mixed feelings for the ones that played their last World Cup. There will be an inevitable renewal of players, I hope that the youngsters make that change.
“We have to double our efforts so that one of these days we can compete with these teams on equal terms for a longer time.”


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