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Why Mitch McConnell gets silent mysteriously in the middle of presser?


Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell briefly leaves a crucial news conference after freezing up mid-sentence.
Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell briefly leaves a crucial news conference after freezing up mid-sentence.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell left people concerned on Tuesday after pausing abruptly during a GOP leadership press conference. After he stared at the cameras for about 20 seconds without saying a word, his fellow senators ushered him away from the podium. 

McConnell, who is 81 years old, returned to the podium and was asked if the incident was related to a concussion he suffered earlier in the year. “No, I’m fine,” he said.

McConnell was hospitalised after tripping and falling at a D.C. hotel in March. His office said that the senator sustained a minor rib fracture, which required physical therapy. He returned to the Senate in April.

The incident raised questions about McConnell’s health and ability to carry out his duties as Senate Minority Leader. With a lengthy political career spanning nearly 40 years, representing the state of Kentucky, his age has become a topic of concern, especially at a time when the age of US leaders is under increased scrutiny.

Despite assurances that he is well, some wonder if the recent episode is a sign of potential health issues affecting his role in the Senate. An anonymous McConnell aide, shedding some light on the incident, mentioned that the senator felt light-headed and stepped away momentarily. However, upon his return, the aide insisted that McConnell was sharp.

During the press conference, McConnell managed to answer several questions without incident, addressing topics such as Hunter Biden’s plea deal, the potential impeachment of President Biden by the House, Alabama’s congressional map redraw, and the Senate appropriations bill.

While McConnell appeared to handle the questions with composure, his evasive response to inquiries about a potential successor added to the intrigue. When asked if he had anyone in mind to replace him when he steps down from his position as the leader of the GOP conference, McConnell merely smiled and walked away without answering.

With eyes on the upcoming presidential election and Senator Diane Feinstein’s recent hiatus from Congress due to health reasons, the spotlight on McConnell’s well-being has become more magnified than ever.


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