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VIDEO: Helicopter with 16 on board crashes in Siberia


A Mi-8 passenger helicopter suffered a crash in Siberia, Russia while it was smoothly landing, killing four people and injuring 12 others, as plumes of flames could be seen coming out of the copter, in a video shot by someone on the crash site.

The helicopter was landing and there was no apparent problem however, suddenly there was dust and then the helicopter hit the ground with its blades touching the soil, eventually bursting into flames.

Russian media RIA and Moscow Times reported that the cause of the helicopter crash is yet to be confirmed. Russian Emergency Ministry stated the helicopter had hit overhead electric cables which caused the copter to lose its controls.

Another cause was suggested as a wiring problem on the aircraft.

A total of 16 people were onboard; three crew members and 13 tourists including eight women.

Some of the injured are in serious condition, according to Russian news agencies.

Images released by the ministry showed firefighters working on the charred wreckage.

The ministry said that the fire had been extinguished.

According to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency, the helicopter belongs to a company called “Altai Avia” and was carrying a group of tourists.

They had flown to view Belukha Mountain, a 14,783ft-high peak, the highest in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia, local media reported.

Russian investigators said a probe into the violation of the rules of safety of air transport has been launched.

Accidents involving planes and helicopters, widely used in remote parts of the country, are frequent in Russia, often caused by bad weather, human error or technical issues.


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