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Wife of man killed for allegedly having affair with boss’ spouse says he wasn’t unfaithful


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Two people have been charged after a man was beat to death over an accused affair with his boss’ wife.

On Tuesday night, the victim’s wife told ABC13 she doesn’t believe the claims of unfaithfulness by the two suspects.

Narciso Banos and Francisca Carrizales are charged for their roles in Francisco Serrano Romero’s death.

Ashley Gomez told ABC13 her husband, Francisco Serrano Romero, left for work Thursday morning never to be seen again by her or their three young children.

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Gomez told Eyewitness News she hopes the couple accused of beating and torturing her husband pay for what they allegedly did.

She said she last heard from him Thursday when he said he was staying on his boss’ ranch because he wasn’t feeling well. She told ABC13 she began to grow worried.

He wasn’t answering her calls Friday morning, which she said was highly unusual. On Friday, she called his boss, murder suspect Narciso Cruz Banos.

“Banos told (Gomez) that her husband (Romero) was having an affair with his wife (Carrizales) and (that he) pistol-whipped him. (Banos) stated that (Romero) had since left the property. And did not know where he was,” an attorney during probable cause court said this week.

Gomez said before this moment, they treated her husband like a son, welcomed their family into their ranch, and often saw each other outside of work. Romero had been an employee of the couple’s ranch since 2017.

Court records show Banos told authorities Romero was having an affair with his wife, so he tied him up and beat him over the head, face, and body using weapons.

Investigators said Banos and his wife Carrizales wrapped Romero’s lifeless body in plastic and electrical tape.

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Gomez believes the couple was trying to lure her and her kids to their ranch, telling her to pick up the money for the days her husband worked.

But, she didn’t go.

On Tuesday, Gomez said she hates the couple and wants them to pay for what they’re accused of doing to her husband and the father of her children.

Gomez said it hurts to know how much he suffered, and she does not believe her husband was unfaithful.

Romero’s family now mourns a husband and dad described as the kind of man who got along with everyone and made them laugh, a hard worker, and someone who loved his children deeply.

The family created a GoFundMe to help with Romero’s funeral expenses.

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