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‘Quirky’ new phone fans are ‘going nuts for’


Why on earth would anyone want to buy a folding phone?

Many love them but others aren’t so sure yet – but Samsung continues to double down on producing flip and folding phones, having recently announced the fifth generation of their Galaxy Flip and Galaxy Fold smartphone line-up.

With a hands-on of both the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, let’s discuss who they’re both made for.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

New front screen – ‘Flex Window’

This year, the major upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is the improvements to its outer display. It’s been increased in size from 1.9 inches to a striking 3.4 inches, which takes up most of the front of the device when it’s folded shut.

Additionally, Samsung have offered a bunch of new ways to customise and personalise the Z Flip5 with the ability to access a wide range of widgets on the front screen (now known as the ‘Flex Window’).

You can also play games on the front screen or even reply to messages using a full digital Qwerty keyboard, all without opening the phone.

It’s a really fun addition to the device.

Pocketable design

The best thing about owning the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 though would have to be that it’s a regular 6.7 inch smartphone which can be folded in half to fit in almost any pocket or bag. It’s ridiculously practical and the fact that it can fold to sit at a 90 degree angle means that it can even sit on a table so you can use the device hands-free.

Hands-free photos and videos

For most people, and especially teens and tweens, this means the ability to take selfies or group photos without needing to ask anyone to hold the camera. And selfie cameras are notorious for being lower quality than the back cameras on smartphones – but this is the one phone that makes it easy to take selfies with them, even when the phone is closed.

Additionally, Samsung’s software allows you to set off a camera timer with a simple gesture – holding your palm up in front of the camera lenses.

Once the phone recognises your palm, you can put your hand back down just in time for it to take a candid snap.

Aside from photography and recording videos, sitting the phone on your desk or table at a 90 degree angle also offers you an easy way to have hands-free video calls.

Colours and battery life

The phone comes in the colours Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender (and Grey, Blue, Green and Yellow if you order directly from Samsung) and there are also plenty of funky cases and accessories available for the phone to match your vibe.

The phone’s hinge has also been improved and now closes completely flat, with essentially no gap, and is IPX8 water and dust resistant which helps with its durability.

The battery life is also solid for a full day’s use of social media scrolling, gaming and messaging, and holds up with competing smartphones.

Why buy it?

It’s easy to see that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 essentially takes a powerful and stylish smartphone and makes it a lot more fun and convenient to own.

It removes the need to carry around a big bag or purse, pick out only the outfits that have deep pockets and carry a tripod, all while offering you more ways to use the phone hands-free.

It’s clearly an awesome phone for anyone looking for something more pocketable and quirky and young people are going nuts for it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Key features

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 similarly offers better portability and pocketability, but more so for people who usually carry a tablet or laptop on the go.

This is the device you get to hopefully lighten your load by reducing your need to carry multiple devices.

The Galaxy Fold5 didn’t have a major upgrade this year, unlike the Flip5.

However, it also received the improved hinge, which allows the phone to look more sleek when it’s folded in half. And its major upgrade, really, is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which assists with better overall performance and battery life.


What makes this phone so fantastic though, is the ability to use it folded (with a 6.2 inch screen) or open it up to take advantage of the large 7.6 inch main display.

This is a great phone though for those who love to multitask, as you can run three apps at once.

There’s also a new task bar along the bottom which resembles a PC taskbar, which makes it easier to access apps quickly.

Additionally, you can pair this with a monitor or TV to use it on an even bigger screen.


It retains its excellent cameras which are plastered all over the device – front, back and an inner selfie camera – but most notably, the phone’s back cameras are insanely awesome.

The Z Fold5 features a 50MP Wide, 12MP Ultra Wide and 10MP Telephoto which produce excellent high quality photos and videos that I love to show to people.

S Pen

The S Pen is another standout feature of this phone.

This is Samsung’s stylus that is compatible with the Fold 5 (and other devices) but not the Z Flip range.

It’s great for signing documents or marking up images or PDFs, converting your handwriting into text, graphic design or illustration and even using powerful notetaking apps such as GoodNotes.

There’s even a new and improved Slim S Pen Case which can hold your S Pen flush against the device, which is a lot more pocketable than the previous version.

Why buy it?

All in all, this is a professional folding phone, offering a “PC in your pocket” experience.

It’s for those who have always dreamt of carrying a big screen device in their pocket (and don’t worry, I won’t tell people if you’re also using this for gaming).

Finally, with its slightly bigger form factor, the phone also has a solid battery life with a built-in 4400mAh battery.

They’re both really exciting products and it seems folds and flips are here to stay.

Prices start at $2599 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and $1649 for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

Pre-orders are open now for a late August release.

Samsung paid for Elly Awesome’s travel and accommodation to attend this event.

Elly Awesome is an Aussie tech and lifestyle vlogger | @ellyawesometech | YouTube


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