How can you make extra money while working full time?


In this undated file photo, a dog-walker takes dogs out for a walk in a street. — Reuters
In this undated file photo, a dog-walker takes dogs out for a walk in a street. — Reuters

As the cost of living rises drastically across the globe and inflation reduces people’s purchasing power, more and more a traditional 9-5 job seems insufficient to make you financially stable.

As a result, many people are broadening their horizons, looking for opportunities and “side hustles” to supplement their main income and achieve financial freedom.

However, many wonder if a side hustle is possible while working a full-time job.

The answer: yes. Depending on which country you live in, you can make anywhere from $100 to $1000 (and more) a month from a side hustle.

The average American spends 2 hours and 33 minutes a day watching TV, Forbes reported, citing the Statista website.

Here are some productive alternatives that will make you an extra $1000 per month:

1. Use your skills

Are you good at writing, editing, graphic designing, or doing administrative tasks?

Whatever your skill is, you can monetise it by setting up freelance profiles on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

2. Dog Walking

Even though everyone loves their pet, some pet owners, find it more convenient to pay someone to walk their dogs.

It’s super simple to get started with a dog walking job, all you need to do is sign up to one of the many dog walking apps such as Rover, Wag!, or Fetch and get started, Forbes wrote.

3. Become an Uber driver

Companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Gett — in Pakistan, you have Careem, inDrive, and Byeka — all hire self-employed drivers to give people rides to their chosen destinations.

The best part? You decide when and how long you work. If live in a big city and own your own car, this is a great way to earn an extra $1000 per month.

Protip: we know people who only pick rides to and from work in the vicinity of their offices. They say it helps them cover fuel costs.

4. Become a food delivery driver

As long as you’ve got a clean driving license, no criminal record, and a smartphone, this is one of the easiest part-time jobs to get— and you can start work immediately.

5. Become a handyman 

If you know how to fix things around the house, hang pictures up, build some furniture, and fix your computers and televisions, you can always offer your services on a website such as, or

In Pakistan, you can share your services via WhatsApp messages or social media posts.

If you reside find any of these don’t apply to you, other options such as private tuitions, copy, and content writing are also extremely lucrative.

Teachers we have gotten in touch with say they make up to $400 for a month teaching tuition to kids 5 days a week. Depending on where you live, who you teach, and your level of expertise, you could do as much or more.

Just remember: a job is a job, even if it’s a side hustle. You need to spend a couple of hours a day applying for work, or building your profile and portfolio if you’re considering taking the freelance route.

Consistency is key and by creating extra streams of money and investing in creating the life that you desire, it won’t be long before you’re raking in more than $1000 per month.


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