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Air conditioning repair services in high demand during summer heat


SAN DIEGO — With the heat we’ve been having in San Diego, most Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) companies are experiencing high call volumes for repairs or replacements.

When temperatures reached the 90s, Richard Domondon and his family in Rancho Peñasquitos were in desperate need of relief from the heat.

“It’s been really horrible especially because I have little kids,” Domondon said.

He got an unpleasant surprise when he turned on the air conditioner and discovered it was blowing warm air. Trying to fix it was another issue.

“I called probably three different contractors, and they were booked two weeks to a month out,” Domondon said.

On Thursday afternoon, Steve Willmore, general manager and lead technician at Progressive Heating and Air, answered the call. Willmore says with all the heat we’re experiencing in San Diego, air conditioning repair services are in high demand.

“In the last few weeks, all of our techs are basically up at the crack of dawn and coming home late at night,” Willmore explained.

He says general maintenance could have saved many from making the service calls in the middle of summer.

“We’re not being proactive but we’re being reactive,” Willmore said. “We’re not looking at our system when it’s not hot and when it gets hot, the system comes on to a lot load so basically the system fails at that point.”

Domondon will eventually need to get his unit replaced, but Willmore temporarily fixed to get the family through. Domondon says he has learned his lesson.

“Be proactive about your AC, turn it on before the season starts, because you’re probably going to figure out it’s not working when it’s hot,” he said.


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