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This Top-Rated Air Mattress Is Nearly 40% Off Today On Amazon


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Whether you’re hosting overnight company, going on a camping trip or just want to have extra space for someone to sleep in a pinch, a good air mattress is a great item to keep in your closet or basement. Of course, the ideal air mattress is something that has a built-in 110V electric pump and that folds up easily, meaning you only have to store one item and you don’t need too much room to do so.

If you want to be prepared for guests or last-minute road trips and save a little dough in the process, you’re probably going to want to snag this queen-sized OlarHike inflatable air mattress that’s currently 36% off.

With 35 circulate air coils, this mattress offers ample back support and even weight distribution. It has a built-in electric pump that can inflate and deflate the entire mattress automatically in mere minutes, though it also has a manual valve that will come in handy if you’re taking it camping or somewhere else without electricity. This mattress also comes in a twin size that’s currently a total of 26% off when you check the 10% discount coupon.

Both sizes come with a carrying bag and easily fold up to be stored in a closet or cabinet. These beds are made from lightweight but durable material and is covered in a waterproof seal, making either size easy to clean or to take with you without worrying about the elements. The reinforced seam stitching keeps you from losing too much air, giving you a comfortable night’s rest every time you use it.

The air mattress is a perfect addition to your home or apartment, giving you an instant guest room or comfortable camping arrangement without dropping a boatload of cash.

“The ease of set up, storage and comfort is beyond expectation! The pump allows you to remove all air and store in the most minimal of spaces. This is ideal for comfortable quick setup And take down in a condo.” — stephanie

“This air mattress is really nice. Easy to fill up and stayed tight all night long. Comfortable and easy to set up and easy to take down too. I highly recommend this as a very good buy.” — Donna Sadler

“We’ve already used this a bunch of times for camping, watching fireworks and movie nights in the living room! We love it and it is so quick and easy to inflate and deflate with the built in pump” — Mariah

“Guests stayed on this several nights and were surprised how comfortable it was. Bed was made up with regular sized mattress protector, and sheets. Barely lost any air for days and easy to inflate. Very happy with this item.” — BSis2

“I bought this to stay with my son and his new family. It was easy to set up, comfy and didn’t deflate at all. I have a terrible back and I was shocked to sleep comfortably all week.” — Toree m

“From the time I opened the box about 15 minutes later I was laying on my air mattress. It’s stable, firm. I DON’T feel like I’m going to roll off the edge. I’m very pleased with this air mattress.” — john polson


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