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Another deadline reached in impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Tuesday marks the deadline for filing answers to pre-trial motions in the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton. 

The Rules of Impeachment established in June by the Senate set Aug. 5 as the deadline for all pre-trial motions and Aug. 15 as the deadline for answers by the opposing party.

Once all pre-trial motions and answers are received, the rules state the Senate Special Committee on Rules and Procedures for the Court of Impeachment will have until Aug. 28 to review the motions and answers to prepare a report with recommendations for each motion that will be provided to members of the court by Aug. 29.

With the exception of motions which would dismiss any article(s) of impeachment if granted, the lieutenant governor as presiding officer of the court may make rulings on the motions at the commencement of the trial before opening statements.

Those motions, which if granted, could lead to the dismissal of any article(s) of impeachment, as well as any other motions selected by the lieutenant governor, will be submitted for a majority vote by the members of the court prior to opening statements.

For those motions which require evidence for a ruling, the Lieutenant Governor can defer the rulings until the conclusion of all evidence.

The impeachment trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 5.


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