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E-scooters thrown in Wascana Lake, left in trees one month after launch |


It has been one month since public-use e-scooters were launched in Regina, and while many people have used the scooters, not everyone has been kind to them.

Pictures of e-scooters in strange locations and inconvenient places are gaining traction on social media.

Since Day 1 of the scooters being introduced, problems have arisen at different times around Wascana Park.

Scooters have been left in the lake or thrown onto the beaches and abandoned.

Those at Neuron confirmed there were instances of their scooters being thrown in Wascana Lake, but said it isn’t a common occurrence.

One Regina resident who bikes around the lake daily echoed a similar sentiment.

“I’ve seen maybe the odd one ditched in the water and I come here regularly,” Neal Child said.

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Neuron said when it happens, the company is able to retrieve the scooter and change the battery with minimal damage to the device.

Click to play video: 'E-scooters now available for rent in Regina'

E-scooters now available for rent in Regina

Bird said none of their scooters have ended up in the water.

One Regina resident said he saw an e-scooter left in a much different location.

“One was hanging from the first branch of a tree on 13th Avenue, so I took it down, put it on the ground and put the kickstand up,” Jesse Arnason said.

Kaleb Maxie, a Regina resident, said he has seen people treating scooters like they own them.

“I’ve seen them in people’s backyards, and I think that’s so funny that people just ride them home,” he said.

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Both Bird and Neuron are responsible for collecting any abandoned vehicles.

Both companies said the scooters are equipped with locator technology allowing their employees to go retrieve them if necessary.

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