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SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden’s ‘get out of jail free forever card’ stopped dead in its tracks


Fox News host Sean Hannity breaks down “the fix” involving Hunter Biden’s collapsed plea deal and how it exposes two tiers of justice in America. 

SEAN HANNITY: …We have underhanded prosecutors with the DOJ recently cooking up what is the sweetest of sweetheart deals for the president’s adult son with no experience Hunter Biden, the crackhead seemingly working hand-in-hand with Hunter’s attorneys to keep him out of prison all while shielding his father, the ‘Big Guy,’ from any fallout. In spite of what is now a mountain of evidence that is emerging yesterday, quote, He’s a private citizen. Hunter Biden rolled up to a courthouse in a motorcade to collect his slap on the wrist. And it was all you know, it was all going according to plan until that federal judge seemed to smell a rat and then started asking serious questions about hunter sweetheart deal, as Andy McCarthy put it in his column. The fix was in for Hunter Biden until a hero judge stepped up. 


Now the US district judge in this case, Maryellen Noriega, wanted to know the future, the true scope of the deal. Put on record that the DOJ’s wink and nod agreement with Hunter Biden fell apart right there in the courtroom before everybody’s eyes and to the bewilderment of Hunter and his legal team, prosecutors then had to admit in court that Hunter could still be charged with future crimes, including para violations, and was still the subject of what is an ongoing investigation. Now, that clearly was not the deal they believe they struck with prosecutors. So the judge very wisely, courageously saw what was going on and exposed the real intention of this so-called deal, which was to prevent Hunter and his dad from ever being held accountable for the millions and tens of millions of dollars that they did in business deals with foreign countries, many of them hostile regimes to our country for zero experience from his son at the time who was addicted to crack? Or was it really just access to Joe that they were paying for? What other services was Hunter able to even offer them? This was Hunter’s get out of jail free forever card and the judge stopped it dead in its tracks. 


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