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Japan raises concern over China military, says North Korea threat more serious than ever


The white paper, approved by the Cabinet of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday morning, comes as North Korea ramps up the frequency of its missile tests.

North Korean state media on Thursday released photos of Kim Jong Un giving Russia’s defence minister a tour of the country’s newest and most advanced weaponry, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and previously unseen military drones.

Russia, a historic ally of North Korea, is one of a handful of nations with which Pyongyang maintains friendly relations.


China, Russia and North Korea contribute to “the most severe and complex security environment since the end of World War II”, according to the 510-page report.

It said China’s external stance and military activities have become a serious concern for Japan and the international community and present “an unprecedented and the greatest strategic challenge”.

Russia and China have also stepped up strategic ties, the report said, noting that repeated joint bomber flights and joint navigations of Chinese and Russian warships are “clearly intended for demonstration of force against Japan” and are of “grave concern to the security of Japan and the region.

The report noted China and Russia conducted at least five joint bomber flights since 2019, including one in November last year.


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