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Gas jumps over 6 cents in N.L., all other fuels on the rise | CBC News


A hand reaches for a gas pump.
Newfoundland and Labrador drivers will pay more at the pumps Thursday after a 6.1 cent increase to the maximum price of gas. (CBC)

The price of all fuels are up across Newfoundland and Labrador Thursday morning.

The Public Utilities Board raised the maximum price of gas by 6.1 cents per litre Thursday, putting the price on the Avalon Peninsula at over $1.81 per litre.

Prices elsewhere on the island dependĀ on location, but range between $1.81 and $1.98 per litre with the most expensive fuel being found in the La Poile region. Customers in Labrador will pay between $1.69 and $2.12 per litre.

The price of diesel increased by 5.4 cents per litre across the province, putting prices between $1.81 and $1.93 per litre in Newfoundland and between $1.89 and $2.41 in Labrador.

Both furnace oil and stove oil increased by 4.69 cents per litre across Newfoundland and parts of Labrador, and increased by 4.61 cents per litre in Labrador West and Churchill Falls.

Customers in Newfoundland will now pay between $1.22 and $1.40 per litre for furnace oil while those in Labrador will pay between $1.29 and $1.88 per litre for stove oil.

Propane saw the smallest increase of the week, up 1.4 cents per litre.

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