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Northern lights, lightning combine in spectacular storm show over Melfort, Sask. | CBC News


Residents in the area of Melfort, Sask., had the chance to witness a breathtaking natural spectacle earlier this week when a storm brought together the northern lights and lightning in the sky.

The weather on Wednesday created a stunning view for spectators and aurora chasers, including Tristan Wingert, who had set out to capture lightning photos but got an unexpected bonus near the city about 180 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

“After the storm moved away, the sky cleared, and the northern lights appeared, making it impossible for me to go home and sleep,” said Wingert.

Between midnight and 3 a.m., Wingert managed to capture many striking images. He felt privileged to be in the right place at the right time, describing the experience as emotional and awe-inspiring.

The night sky can be seen with the stunning green northern lights on one side and thunder and lightning on the other side.
Just outside of Melfort, northern lights and lightning converged for a spectacular show. (Submitted by Tristan Wingert)

Dale Boan, a landscape photographer from Saskatoon with more than 10 years of experience chasing the aurora borealis, also found Wednesday’s skies to be extraordinary. He hadn’t seen lightning and the northern lights so close together before.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness both of them side-by-side, along with a beautiful aurora display. Capturing that was truly special,” Boan said.

The beautiful sky can be seen with auroras in green and lightning and thunder beneath it along with some clouds.
Photographer Tristan Wingert captured stunning images of the aurora borealis and lightning on Wednesday just outside of Melfort. (Submitted by Tristan Wingert )

For those interested in catching a glimpse of the northern lights, both Boan and Wingert suggest looking for a clear night away from city lights and pollution. Parking on a dirt road can offer a great vantage point.

Wingert said he is thrilled to share these experiences with others and hopes it will inspire more people to go out and witness the beauty of nature firsthand.


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