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Police officer sacked after dog attack on unarmed truck driver in Ohio


A police officer in Ohio has been sacked after he released a dog to attack a surrendering unarmed truck driver.

Officer Ryan Speakman was dismissed with immediate effect, after he “did not meet the standards and expectations” of the force during the incident, the Circleville Police department has said.

It comes after 23-year-old truck driver Jadarrius Rose was pursued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol on 4 July after failing to stop his truck that was “missing a left rear mud flap”, according to an incident report.

Bodycam footage shows Mr Speakman unleash the canine – which bites and pulls Rose to the ground – despite the fact he was standing in front of his vehicle with his hands raised.

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Police dog attacks truck driver

Another officer can also be heard yelling, “do not release the dog”.

Following an investigation by a police review board, a spokesperson said “the department’s policy for the use of canines was followed in the apprehension and arrest”.

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They added that the Pennsylvania-based dog training facility, Shallow Creek Kennels Inc – which trained the dog in question – confirmed that its training protocols had been followed, but service dogs are being sent for evaluation and annual training.

Despite the review board’s findings, Mr Speakman was sacked.

“We know the video of the incident is upsetting and has attracted widespread attention and comments,” Circleville Police said.

“Circleville’s canine teams of dogs and officers are trained and certified to meet current Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission-recognised standards.”

Rose was treated in hospital for dog bites and later charged with failure to comply.

He told 911 dispatchers that officers were “trying to kill” him and that he didn’t feel safe pulling his vehicle over.

It is not clear why he did not immediately stop the truck.


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