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Province doubles spending on health-care action plan to add more workers |


The province is giving its plan to add 2,000 more health-care workers a significant funding boost.

The $200-million plan has now become a nearly $400-million plan as the province says it is adding new incentives and initiatives.

The Health Human Resource Action plan, originally announced in November 2022, aims to end mandated overtime and add 2,000 nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and support staff across the province.

New initiatives will include more opportunities for paramedics in rural and Northern Manitoba to grow in their careers, practice-ready assessment for physicians, supports for internationally educated nurses, and a renewed focus on system and staff wellness.

Health Minister Audrey Gordon says the province has already rolled out a number of successful initiatives for Manitoba nurses as part of the plan.

“We will continue to work with physicians and staff from all levels of the health-care system towards a shared goal of a stronger workforce that provides safe patient, client, and resident care closer to home for all Manitobans,” Gordon said.

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Manitoba Health Coalition Provincial Director Thomas Linner says more spending should mean more staff.

“Today’s announcement purports to double the province’s investment with zero change applied to the number of health care providers sought by the province’s plan, which remains at 2,000,” Linner said in a statement.

“Even this most generous assessment – that the province has committed to paying double to attain the same result – must be caveated with the fact that we are still left with no effective timelines, no baselines and no metrics by which to determine the success or failure of the announced measures.”

Meanwhile, Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals Tanya Burnside says it’s a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t solve a paramedic staffing and a larger crisis in allied health.

“These new ACP and community paramedic programs are a positive and long overdue step, but they will create even more paramedic vacancies, on top of the over 200 vacancies that already exist,” Burnside said.



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