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Hi, my name is Sierra – Sierra Cougot, Kyodo News


FROM: Sierra Cougot, Kyodo News

Hi, my name is Sierra and I’m an assistant political correspondent with Kyodo News DC.

As I’m sure you know, Trump is facing indictment for Jan 6 and I was wondering if any of your polisci experts might be willing to speak with me on the topic. Because this is last minute, my schedule is open from 9 to 6 ET tomorrow (7/21) if anyone is available/interested and, while a phone call is preferred, email correspondence would also be doable.

Our questions are as followed: What is the difference between this indictment and Trump’s previous indictments? How is this indictment around Jan 6 more significant? What makes this case easier to indict, if anything? How do you anticipate this could affect the 2024 election?

Thanks for your help!


DEADLINE: Fri Jul 21 18:00 PM EDT 2023

CONTACT: [email protected]


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