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SEAN HANNITY: The writing is on the wall for the Biden family syndicate’s disgraceful conduct


Fox News host Sean Hannity gave his take as the intensifying investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings and Hunter’s failed plea deal.

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been accused by a credible FBI source of taking foreign cash in exchange for policy decisions. In other words, you call that bribery. There is a mountain of evidence now to back up these very serious claims, including circumstantial evidence, hard evidence from Hunter’s own laptop. We have bank records. We have text messages, eyewitness accounts, whistleblower testimony and other recordings apparently exist. And yet this week, the Biden DOJ, Hunter, Biden’s attorney, they were working hand in hand to sweep these allegations under the rug forever and keep it from you, the American people. But thanks to a responsible federal judge, it did not go according to plan. Now, Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal was rejected. Now, a federal investigation into potential FARA violations. Other felonies remain active and the Bidens are reportedly distraught. They should be. It is so bad that Joe Biden is now taking the next ten days off. Too stressful for him. You’re going to hang out on the beach and try and move his beach chair all by himself and recuperate. The writing is on the wall and decades of what is disgraceful conduct now finally catching up with the Biden family syndicate… Joe’s House of Cards is now crumbling around him. 


Now, this week in court, Hunter directly contradicted his father when he admitted to taking money from China. Now, that was something Joe had vehemently denied at one of the debates. In other words, Joe got caught in a lie yet once again. Now, meanwhile, Hunter’s lawyers have now reportedly been banned from calling the county clerk after they were accused the night before the hearing of misreported misrepresenting themselves on a phone call to the clerk. And according to the allegations, a member of Biden’s legal team actually pretended to represent a Republican congressman in an attempt to get evidence removed from a recent amicus filing, a court that was on the court docket. But the shady behavior didn’t stop there. 


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