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Strike enters 2nd month at Hamilton’s National Steel Car | CBC News


The strike at Hamilton’s National Steel Car has entered its second month, with no end in sight.

The rail car manufacturing company continues to ignore demands from the 1,450 workers who’ve been picketing since June 29, said Frank Crowder, union president of United Steelworkers Local 7135.

He alleges National Steel Car is now with holding workers’ vacation pay accrued over the past year.

Crowder said workers were expecting to receive hundreds if not thousands of dollars by mid-July — the time of year they normally receive vacation pay. They’re still waiting, he said.

“Right now we’re giving [National Steel Car] every opportunity to correct what they’re doing,” Crowder said. 

Next steps would be filing a grievance with the Ontario Labour Relations Board, he said. 

National Steel Car did not respond to requests for comment. 

Under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, employers are required to pay employees vacation pay despite any strike or lock-out. 

The union is demanding higher wages and improvements to how workers raise concerns about safety. The company did not respond to previous requests for comment on workers’ demands. 

Three workers have died on the job in recent years. In July, National Steel Car was fined $140,000 for failing to maintain safe working conditions, which lead to the death of Collin Grayley in 2021.


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