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Supreme Court upholds murder convictions of man who represented himself at trial


The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the murder convictions of a man who represented himself at trial but complained later the proceedings were tainted by a perception of unfairness.

In a unanimous ruling today, the top court says no miscarriage of justice arose in Emanuel Kahsai’s trial.

Five years ago a jury convicted the Calgary man of two counts of first-degree murder for fatally stabbing his mother and a vulnerable woman in her care.

Kahsai behaved disruptively throughout the trial in an Alberta court.

Two separate amicus curiae – or friends of the court – were appointed to assist him at different points, but he was unco-operative with them.

The Alberta Court of Appeal dismissed Kahsai’s challenge of his convictions, saying he made a conscious and calculated decision to abuse the court process in an attempt to derail the proceedings.


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