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Video: Close call with gator during feeding


DENVER (KDVR) — A close encounter was captured on video of a man nearly escaping an alligator attack after a missed feeding target.

Video obtained by Petra NewlandGadea shows a man named Chad being instructed on feeding a turkey to a gator at the Colorado Gators Reptile Rescue and Education in Mosca. Chad missed the mark and slipped trying to get away from the approximately 12-foot gator.

The gator didn’t see the turkey and immediately lunged toward Chad as he backed away and tried to get away. The trainer got to the gator quickly to stop it and allow Chad to get away. The trainer then directed the giant reptile back into the water where it found its food.

“That’s about the closest, that’s about the closest we’ve had to losing a Chad yet, or a leg,” the trainer said to the crowd.


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