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Video: San Jose burglars ram stolen cars into smoke shops, 1 arrested


(KRON) — A suspect police say was involved in a series of robberies using stolen vehicles to ram into the exteriors of smoke shops has been arrested, according to the San Jose Police Department. San Jose police investigated more than 10 commercial burglaries of “smoke shop type businesses” between March and April.

In the course of the investigation, police say that Jose Cabellos was identified as a primary suspect by the SJPD Burglary Unit. Police believe Cabellos had additional accomplices and detectives are currently following up on leads.

Detectives obtained a warrant for Cabellos’ arrest and a search warrant for his residence. On June 16, he was arrested in San Jose by officers from the SJPD Covert Response Unit.

But the arrest didn’t stop the burglaries. Throughout the month of July, police say several more burglaries matching the same pattern occurred.

One attempted burglar occurred on July 24 at around 3 a.m. at a smoke shop on the 4700 block of Almaden Expressway. The suspect vehicle fled prior to police arrival.

The suspects attempted another burglary of a smoke shop in Santa Clara. That attempt was interrupted by Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office deputies who were in the area.

The vehicle again fled the scene but deputies apprehended three juveniles after the vehicle crashed. The juvenile suspects were booked into the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.

In all of the burglaries, suspects used stolen Kias or Hyundais and crashed them into the exteriors of the smoke shops, causing enough damages to breach the businesses (Watch the video above to see the technique in action). The suspects would then go inside and make off with merchandise before fleeing the scene.

The suspect, police say, are believed to be responsible for several additional commercial burglaries outside of San Jose. The use of Kias and Hyundais is notable as law enforcement has previously identified those models as among the easiest to steal.

The SJPD Burglar Unit has identified a trend in particular of 2010-2021 Kias and 2015-2021 Hyundais being used to commit crimes. In viral social media videos, it’s been demonstrated how thieves can use USB cords left in the cars to steal them.


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