Moeen Ali not to travel to India next year for Test series, confirms retirement | Cricket News – Times of India


NEW DELHI: England all-rounder Moeen Ali has officially announced that the fifth Ashes Test against Australia marked the end of his career in traditional format matches.

Moeen also stated that he will not be part of the England squad traveling to India for the Test series scheduled between January and March 2024.
“There is no way I am going (to India). It is nice to finish like this. Test cricket is the best cricket. I wish I could rewind time,” Moeen was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

Moeen has played 68 Tests for England making 3,094 runs with five hundreds and 15 fifties. The off-spinner also has taken 204 wickets in Test cricket.
Despite the fine record, Moeen accepted the fact that his Test career would have hit a higher note.
“Although my Test career has been a bit up and down, I wouldn’t change it. I’ve loved it. I would have regretted (not accepting England’s recall) later in life.
“It was quite daunting because I’ve never done well against Australia. I had nothing to lose — it was a free hit,” he said.
The 36-year-old, though, has no plans to move away completely from cricket as he wants to concentrate on franchise cricket.
Moeen has done well for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL, while making his presence felt in other leagues like the PSL and the Hundred.
“White-ball (cricket) is great. I love the leagues, but there is nothing better than playing against the best attack with a new ball in their hand. It’s a challenge,” he said.
England gave a fitting send off to Moeen as he led the side out of the Oval with Stuart Broad, who had also announced his retirement after the fifth Ashes Test.
Moeen said it was indeed nice of Broad to allow him to walk beside.
“It proves the man he is. I didn’t want to do it and he said I had to. From the start, he was always amazing with me. I’ve always got on well with him and really pleased he’s finished the way he has,” he added.


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