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Gas prices increase for ninth day in San Diego County


SAN DIEGO — Gas prices are soaring across the country and here at home in San Diego during the peak of summer.

“Oil prices are going up and they are pushing gas prices up around the country. That is because of increased trading activity related to the effects of the Saudi oil production cut now being felt in the marketplace, as well as that lack of Russian oil,” said Marie Montgomery, spokesperson for AAA Southern California.

In San Diego County, the price of gas has gone up for nine consecutive days, bringing the county average to about $5.10 Wednesday.

The current average is the highest amount per gallon drivers have seen since last November.

“I notice. I’m trying to save a penny I can right now and it seems like everything is going up these days,” Jacob Ardis said.

San Diegans are paying about 12 cents more per gallon than they were a week ago and 21 cents more than one month ago.

“I definitely try to look for the cheapest place to get gas,” Ardis said.

A record $6.37 per gallon was set last October and luckily San Diego is still more than a dollar less than that amount.

“Every time, you know, we go to a gas station, the price is up, but it is what it is there’s nothing we can do,” Ali Khosoosi said.

Auto experts at AAA say they are some things you can do to help keep your gas cost down including combining your trips, make sure that your tires are properly inflated, your maintenance is up-to-date and avoid speeding on the freeway.


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